Deuces Wild

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - Deuces Wild album cover

The NEW Paragon album! 


Featuring the world premiere recording of
the rediscovered overture to GEORGE GERSHWIN’S first Broadway show! 

More than 76 minutes of delightful music

Deluxe album with 12 page color booklet

Available ONLY in physical album format –  no streams or downloads

$15.00 USD

(Rialto Records 6006):

Performed by the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, Rick Benjamin conductor & piano soloist;
featuring Rebecca Ciabattari, trombone; Corey Schutzer, double bass; Leslie Cullen, piccolo.



“Through more than three decades of recordings, we’ve come to expect excellence from  Rick Benjamin’s Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. Even with that history in mind, this new CD is breathtaking.”Edward A. Berlin, author of King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and His Era


From Rick Benjamin, curator and conductor:

It recently dawned on me that the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra and I have now been performing and preserving the music of the Ragtime Era for longer than the duration of the actual era itself. Yet clearly the late 19th and early 20th centuries in America inspired such a vast reservoir of beautiful, important music that our work, happily, is nowhere near done. Thus continuing onward, we are proud to present this, PRO’s nineteenth album. In planning, I did not have a particular theme or composer in mind, as has been the case with all of our recordings since 2003. However, when musing about that with our producer, Judith Sherman, she said, “Well actually your theme is FUN.” And so it is. 

More precisely, what we have here is a collection of some of our favorite pieces from the last twenty years of concerts. However, as there are several hundred of these and album space for only about twenty-five, I suppose Deuces Wild could be considered the first installment in a new “PRO Favorites” series. Many of these are dance related – rags, two-steps, blues, trots, one-steps, and a pair of waltzes. Others are concert pieces – novelties and a “Morceau Characteristic.” We also have very choice assortment of period theater music, ranging from the familiar to the recently discovered. The vital connection between all of it is of course, syncopation.”


Produced by Judith Sherman,
2022 Grammy Award winning “Producer of the Year – Classical” 

$15.00 USD


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